What is Rally 0bedience?


Rally 0 is all about having fun with your dog, any dog can train for this. It involves following a course of instructions, and getting your dog to do different things each time you come to a sign.


If your dog has retired from another dog sport or if you wish to move on to something else after Good Citizen Classes, this is ideal, it keeps your dog stimulated and active.


It started in the uk by abtc the Kennel Club thought it would be nice to have it along with other sports.  Everyone starts in level 1 even if you have a champion in any other dog sport, it’s all about you and your dog bonding as a team.


There are six levels to compete in, you have to qualify 170 points or above under three different judgers to move up to the next level.


Classes are held on Fridays at 6.30 pm.


Trainers are Karen and John Shires both are approved judges in rally obedience.




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